President Obama’s Message of Hope: ‘Democracy Bigger Than Any One Person’

Even facing the dismantling of his hard-won legacy, President Obama has time to share us hope in our grief. He sent out a tweet this morning saying that “American democracy is bigger than any one person.” It is obvious Donald Trump begs to differ. For Donald Trump, everything, including especially American democracy, takes a back seat to Donald Trump.

Here is the president’s tweet:

In another tweet, Obama stressed,

These are valid points, and certainly one the Founding Fathers were behind with their fear of populism and even political parties. Yet Donald Trump can’t even help making the selection of cabinet posts about himself:

Most adults don’t talk this way, let alone president-elects. Not only does the petulant man-child Trump think he owns the Republican Party now, he thinks he owns the United States of America. Not that he wants to live in a house that doesn’t have his name on it.

President Obama is right. American democracy isn’t about the individual but the entire village and it is not limited to one ethnic group, whatever Trump advisers like Steve Bannon might claim. The corporate-minded Republicans and the man who would be CEO of the USA have it backward. The government, as Obama reminds us, serves the people, not the other way around.

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