Ethical Disgrace Newt Gingrich Calls Jill Stein the “Nut Wing” of American Politics

Well if this isn’t a laugh riot.

Ethics violator and Chief Clinton conspiracy monger from the 90s Newt Gingrich called Jill Stein the “nut wing of American politics” today in an effort to defend Donald Trump from her recall.

Because Stein has called for a recount in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan, the Republican former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich put on his Projector Glasses and blasted the “left” for the “nut fringe” showing up because they lost so badly during an appearance on Fox News’s “Happening Now.”

Watch here:

“Jill Stein represents sort of the nut wing of American politics,” the former Speaker said. “When the left loses as badly as they have at every level, from local state legislature to governor to Congress to the presidency, you begin to get this sort of nut fringe showing up.”

Gingrich knows better than this.

Gingrich is the far Right of the Republican Party and that far Right has been taken over by the Tea Party and pulled even further Right, to the cliff of extinction. That they have been temporarily saved by a third rate Reality TV show host who is being used by Putin is not exactly a sign of long term viability for the Republican Party. It is not the Democrats who ran Donald Trump.

Frankly, no thinking person could possibly describe Donald Trump’s “win” as a victory. It is the opposite of a victory, because math and because he required so much assistance from the FBI, Russian hackers, fake news sites, and more. The entire Republican Party is now engaging in Trumpian truthiness. Such victory! Much success! Even as their pick faces an historic popular vote drubbing of rejection.

Yes the Republican drubbing was shocking, but Republicans net lost Senate and House seats. It was a year where the map was set up for Democrats and with Donald Trump bragging about serial sexual assault as well as his endless insults which including mocking a disabled reporter and hurting a Gold Star family, it is even more surprising that Republicans won what they did.

But is this something about which they are proud? Gingrich is mocking the “left” for being a nut fringe, but his party’s President-elect suggested that his opponent might be shot if she won. His party’s President-elect was a birther during President Obama’s two terms in office. His party’s President-elect is an embarrassment to this country, so it’s odd that Gingrich feels he can call Jill Stein the nut fringe.

The nut fringe of the Republican Party is taking residence in the White House. So, I guess well done Republicans! Whereas the “nut fringe” of the left is not in leadership.

Gingrich is the first speaker to have been punished by the House for an ethics violation. What is the point of rehashing this? Well, Jill Stein is not in office and does not represent Democrats or the left; unlike folks like Gingrich who was in office and worse things were said and proven about him than “nut fringe”. It’s telling that Newt Gingrich with all of his baggage is back in the spotlight, calling out the left over Jill Stein’s request for a recount in an election where the Russians’ hacked the voter rolls prior to our election and threatened to hack our election.

It’s not nutty to ask for a recount when things don’t make sense. What is nutty is to allow Donald Trump to represent your party, and indeed to usher him into the White House with his white supremacist cabinet and act like anyone who is troubled is the problem.

The nut fringe is here, but not on the left. The nut fringe took over the Republican Party, and anyone who can’t admit that is either dishonest or in deep denial.

This is a transparent attempt to shame the left out of demanding a recount. But Republicans have to admit that they are no longer standing on moral high ground and have absolutely no standing to call out perceived fringe behavior. They are the fringe, and they need to own it.

Image: Screen cap of Fox News’ “Happening Now”