Bill O’Reilly Claims Women’s March Fueled by Some Unidentified ‘Totalitarian Regime’

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 09:51 pm

It turns out that according to conservatives, not all protesters are “anarchists,” because we now have Bill O’Reilly claiming that the Women’s March was a “totalitarian” event. According to O’Reilly, the 3 to 4 million + women who showed up were “told to show up” because “all totalitarian regimes are fueled by whip-ups.”

So for O’Reilly, Trump isn’t the totalitarian these women were protesting, but they represented totalitarians against Trump. Apparently, pink pussy hats are the new “Red Menace.”

Follow his logic if you can, courtesy of Media Matters for America:

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BILL O’REILLY: Don’t you feel they showed up because they were told to show up? I mean look, if you look —
CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: What do you mean told to show up?
O’REILLY: If you look at the totalitarian governments in the 20th century —
KRAUTHAMMER: You’re told to show up?
KRAUTHAMMER: Who tells anybody to show up in this country?
O’REILLY: The websites. They live on the websites. These people live on the websites.
KRAUTHAMMER: Yeah, but what’s the threat? What’s the threat, why do they have to go?
O’REILLY: Well, they have to go — they don’t have to go through a negative, they have to go to be with her brothers and sisters, and to show their solidarity and that they are good people and fight the fascist racists. I mean, it’s a whip up, and if you study history, all the totalitarian regimes were fueled by whip-ups, okay? And people turned out to the streets, were they spontaneous? No. They were very well organized and targeted, and the target this time is Trump, to get them out of there before the four years are over.

O’Reilly takes absurdity to new levels with this rant. What, precisely, is the “totalitarian regime” which organized this march? The only “regime” we have in this country at the moment is the administration of Donald Trump.

The Republican narrative is that they have a mandate. But Trump lost the popular election, mandating claims of voter fraud for which there is no evidence, and in order to disguise the fact that millions of women protested Trump, O’Reilly invents some sort of bizarre “totalitarian” conspiracy to explain it.

The fact is, Trump lost the popular vote and these women are evidence of that fact. Trump asks why they didn’t speak up before the election, but they did, and he lost the popular vote, despite the help of the FBI and Vladimir Putin.

The truth is, the only totalitarian regime we have in this country is Donald Trump’s administration and the reaction of Trump and his allies to dissent, here and elsewhere, is all the evidence you need.

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