Saturday Night Live Is Giving Alec Baldwin An Entire Episode To Ridicule Donald Trump

Alec Baldwin will be guest hosting an episode of Saturday Night Live next month, which means that viewers will be treated to more of the parody that drives President Trump up the wall.

According to Dave Itzkoff of The New York Times:

Baldwin’s parody of Trump must contain more than a hint of truth because it obviously annoys Trump to no end.

After the parody of his press conference, Trump tweeted:

In November, Trump got angry at Baldwin’s impression and demanded equal time on SNL:

One would think that the President Of The United States would have better things to do than to sit around watching Alec Baldwin make fun of him, but this is Donald Trump that we’re talking about, so the answer is no.

The odds are that viewers will be treated to more of Baldwin as Trump than the usual cold open of the show.

Trump will be watching when Balwin hosts, and by sunrise the following Sunday morning, there will be several angry tweets about how unfunny both Baldwin and SNL are.

Alec Baldwin’s impression of Trump is funny, but one of the best things about it is that it drives President Trump nuts.

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