Constituents Flood Town Hall After GOP Congressman Holds Event 60 Miles Away


As concerned citizens all across the country flood town halls in Republican districts, Virginia GOP Congressman Dave Brat came up with what he thought was a genius plan – hold his event a whopping 60 miles away from where most of his constituents live.

The voters of Virginia’s 7th district weren’t having it.

So many of Brat’s constituents showed up to the town hall that the street was lined with people hoping to attend the event, which was held at a restaurant in Blackstone.


The venue quickly reached its full capacity – roughly 200 people – and many were forced to “attend” the event from the sidewalk just outside the building.


One woman who stopped by Brat’s event said, according to her handmade sign, that she drove 165 miles to get there – and, no, she wasn’t paid to attend.


While many, many constituents showed up in hopes of getting inside and sharing their concerns, there were also large crowds of protesters outside the town hall expressing their displeasure with the Republican congressman:

Let this be a lesson for other Republicans planning to make it difficult for their constituents to find them. Instead of dodging town halls or making it more difficult for folks to attend, just have some courage and face the people.

Hiding from your constituents, after all, only motivates them more, as Congressman Brat found out on Tuesday.