Republican Strategist Hit Trump With The Truth That FBI Has Warrant To Investigate Russia Ties

After Donald Trump’s meltdown accusing President Obama of spying on him Saturday morning, the entire political world is up in arms, including some Republicans.

Not only does a president not order wiretapping, but national Republican political strategist and media consultant Rick Wilson reminded President Trump this morning that the wiretapping was hardly a secret, the FBI was granted a FISA warrant in October covering Trump’s ties to Russia:

Heat Street reported at the time, “Two separate sources with links to the counter-intelligence community have confirmed to Heat Street that the FBI sought, and was granted, a FISA court warrant in October, giving counter-intelligence permission to examine the activities of ‘U.S. persons’ in Donald Trump’s campaign with ties to Russia.”

Also that story that was supposedly killed about a private Trump server being connected to a Russian bank wasn’t actually killed at all, “Contrary to earlier reporting in the New York Times, which cited FBI sources as saying that the agency did not believe that the private server in Donald Trump’s Trump Tower which was connected to a Russian bank had any nefarious purpose, the FBI’s counter-intelligence arm, sources say, re-drew an earlier FISA court request around possible financial and banking offenses related to the server.”

Wilson mocked Trump for sounding like Nixon but with “Trumpbart brittle”, “I love this tweet. This is ‘I am not a crook’ wrapped in the Caine Mutiny, covered in Trumpbart brittle, and with a creamy nougat filling.”

Wilson is saying that Trump is projecting his guilt. Intelligence expert Malcolm Nance said on MSNBC’s Joy Reid this is the kind of behavior you see when a target starts getting “buggy.”

Meanwhile, many in the intelligence community are saying new info will be dropped that will be “the least convenient facts in American political history.