Dealmaker-In-Chief Trump Throws Tantrum, Demands Friday Vote After Failed Health Care Talks

After priding himself on being the best dealmaker in the history of humankind, Donald Trump threw a tantrum on Thursday after negotiations with his own party reportedly went nowhere.

The president now says he is done participating in the talks and demands a vote on unpopular Trumpcare by the House of Representatives tomorrow.

More from Politico:

President Donald Trump is demanding a vote Friday in the House on the Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare, White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said. If the bill fails, Trump is prepared to move on and leave Obamacare in place, Mulvaney said.


President Donald Trump and House Freedom Caucus members failed to strike a deal on the GOP Obamacare replacement Thursday, endangering the prospects of passage and all but assuring any immediate vote on the measure would fail.

Trump is essentially threatening members of his own party by saying that if they don’t pass the unpopular legislation tomorrow, he will simply walk away from the issue and leave Obamacare as it is. While most Americans are relieved to see these talks fall apart, Trump’s strategy is terrible in the long term if he plans to get any legislation through Congress over the next four years.

With or without a vote tomorrow on the GOP health care legislation, Trump’s attempt at repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act has been a colossal failure and proves that he is not the omnipotent dealmaker he claimed to be during the campaign.

It would take a good negotiator to bring members of both political parties together on any piece of legislation. Trump can’t even bring Republicans together to do something they have promised to do for the past seven years – repeal and replace the Affordable Care.

Donald Trump promised Americans that the country would be winning so much under his watch that we would get sick of winning. After two months in office, this president has done nothing but lose.