GOP Humiliation: Trumpcare Didn’t Even Have Majority Support Among Trump Voters

As if the failure to achieve their seven-year goal of repealing the Affordable Care Act wasn’t bad enough for Republicans, a new poll released on Monday shows that Americans are still celebrating the GOP’s epic failure to pass Trumpcare (officially known as the American Health Care Act).

According to the HuffPost/YouGov survey, just 6 percent of the country was strongly in favor of the health care plan, which Trump failed to usher through Congress. Overall, 52 percent of the country opposed the effort. By a seven-point margin, people want Republicans to give up and work on other issues.

Worse? Not even a majority of the president’s supporters liked the legislation.

“Trump voters were only lukewarmly positive about AHCA,” the Huffington Post reported. “45 percent say that they supported it and 31 percent that they opposed it.”

That’s right – Trump’s dealmaking skills were so bad during his push to repeal Obamacare that he couldn’t even get more than half of his own voters on board with the legislation. Perhaps that’s because Trumpcare would hurt the president’s own supporters the most.

More of the survey’s results:

The American Health Care Act, which was deeply unpopular during its brief lifespan, is no more popular in its demise. Just 21 percent say they supported it, with a majority, 52 percent, saying they were opposed. The 6 percent who say they strongly favored the bill are outnumbered nearly 6 to 1 by those who strongly opposed it.


Americans say by a 7-percentage-point margin, 44 percent to 37 percent, that Republicans should move on to other issues rather than proposing another health care bill. Just under half think Donald Trump and Congress are still at least somewhat likely to repeal Obamacare, with 35 percent saying they’ll be disappointed if it remains standing.

It seems that nobody other than a handful of Republicans in Congress and the Trump White House were in favor of the disastrous health care bill, which is why the American people are pretty satisfied it didn’t pass. Still, it won’t soon be forgotten by voters what the president and his GOP allies tried to do to the health care system – kick 24 million Americans off their insurance and give a nice tax cut to the wealthy.

Republicans are now scrambling to move on from their health care collapse, but the epic GOP humiliation lives on.