Trump Commits An Impeachable Offense By Using Taxpayer Resources To Promote Mar-a-Lago


Donald Trump has officially committed an impeachable offense by using taxpayer resources to promote his private Florida club.

The State Department’s Share America website published an article that was nothing but a commercial for a Trump-owned property.

Check out this quote, and remember that this is an article on a taxpayer funded government website, “That opened the way for Trump, a real-estate magnate, to purchase the property in 1985. When he acquired the house, Trump also bought the decorations and furnishings that Post had collected over the years, preserving Mar-a-Lago’s style and taste. After refurbishing the house and adding an events space, Trump opened the estate to dues-paying members of the public in 1995 as the Mar-a-Lago Club.”


The reason why this an impeachable offense is simple. Mar-a-Lago is not open to the public. Trump used taxpayer resources to promote his private club for the purpose of personal enrichment. Congressional Republicans and Democrats are asking questions about Trump’s conflicts of interest and threatening investigations into the president’s conflicts.

Donald Trump is not above the law.

A president is not allowed to abuse taxpayer resources to promote his own personal financial interests. Donald Trump better hope and pray that Democrats don’t win back any part of Congress, because if they do, one of their first priorities will be to launch a full investigation into Donald Trump’s conflicts of interests.

There are many reasons to suspect that Trump could be impeached, but one of the clearest illegal acts that he is committing is on a government-run website for everyone to see.