Buried In The WaPo Report: Advisers Can’t Even Get Trump To Read One-Page Security Briefings

While all of the focus is appropriately on the fact that Donald Trump revealed highly-classified intelligence to the Russians in a private Oval Office meeting, buried deep in the same Washington Post report is another stunning revelation: The president’s advisers can’t even get Trump to read a dumbed-down version of foreign policy briefings.

That’s right – Trump demands that briefings be cut down to one page and presented in easy-to-read bullet points, and he still can’t be bothered to read them.

More via The Washington Post:

U.S. officials said that the National Security Council continues to prepare multi-page briefings for Trump to guide him through conversations with foreign leaders, but that he has insisted that the guidance be distilled to a single page of bullet points — and often ignores those.


“He seems to get in the room or on the phone and just goes with it, and that has big downsides,” the second former official said. “Does he understand what’s classified and what’s not? That’s what worries me.”

It’s not only a terrifying that the President of the United States is leaking classified intelligence – it’s even more frightening that Trump doesn’t appear to have a clue what is and what isn’t considered classified.

Perhaps if Donald Trump read the briefings his national security team works so hard to dumb down for him, he would have a better idea of when to keep his mouth shut, especially when he’s talking to a foreign adversary – but the American people shouldn’t expect him to change his ways anytime soon.

During the campaign, it was at times humorous just how shamelessly ignorant Trump was on all issues related to foreign policy – or, well, on all issues in general.

As president, it’s starting to have real and very damaging consequences.