Hawaii Attorney Against Muslim Ban Thanks Trump For Twitter Meltdown That Helps His Case

The lead attorney for the State of Hawaii versus Trump thanked the President Monday morning for acting as their co-counsel by admitting the intent of his travel ban.

“It’s kinda odd to have the defendant in Hawaii v Trump acting as our co-counsel.We don’t need the help but will take it!” Neal Katyal, the lead attorney for the state of Hawaii, wrote above a screengrab of President Trump’s Monday morning tweets.

Neal Katyal‏ is the lead attorney for the state of Hawaii and a former acting U.S. solicitor general.

As I pointed out earlier this morning, President Trump’s Monday morning tweets sabotaged his own case by admitting that his intent was unconstitutional. Trump attacked the Department of Justice Monday morning for “caving” with the “watered down” version of his “travel ban”.

Trump even emphasized he was going to call it what it is, “a TRAVEL BAN!”

Trump already knew this was bad news for his travel ban case, since he admitted it was a ban on Saturday night and the ACLU pounced. Just in case anyone missed it, Trump said it again and added a huge helping of unconstitutional intent for good measure.

President Trump probably thinks his tweets show that he’s strong on national security, but his “Muslim ban” does not actually protect the United States and Trump’s administration is actually frighteningly unprepared for disaster. Trump isn’t doing even the most basic things he could and should be doing to protect Americans. Talking tough on Twitter isn’t cutting it.

But Trump’s fans will love his tweets, because they serve to divide with a big helping of red meat.

The President just scored a touchdown for the other team. Trump ran the wrong way on the football field while his lawyers screamed from the sidelines “Wrong way! Stop!” and his fans cheered because they think they’re winning.

No matter how feckless and inept the President seems, he makes up for it with ruthlessness, so even when he’s going the wrong way it’s best to keep our eye on the ball at all times.

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