Adam Schiff Dismantles Trump’s Weakness Toward Putin: He Is ‘Not Putting America First’

After Donald Trump embarrassed himself on the world stage on Thursday by again suggesting that Russia wasn’t behind the 2016 election meddling, Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff dismantled the president, saying he is “not putting America first.”

Schiff, the top-ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said that Trump is putting his “personal best interest” ahead of the country.


Schiff blasted the president:

[Putin] ordered this intervention. He knows full well what the Russians did, and he has a U.S. president who is unwilling to confront him, even unwilling to acknowledge whether that was the case and more than that, is willing to disparage our own intelligence agencies. Imagine Putin questioning whether the KGB could get it right. It’s unthinkable, but yet that’s where we are with this president. He’s really not putting America first in any way, shape or form. It is putting the president’s idea of what’s in his personal best interest first, and that greatly worries me because I think it’s a green light for Putin to do more of what he did but also to continue doing it in other parts of the world.