Democratic Iraq War Vet Rep. Shames Fox News For Their Bogus Praise Of Trump Family Service

Iraq war vet Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) has the perfect reply after a Fox News contributor claimed that no Democratic elected official has ever done more for America than the Trump family.

Fox News’s Jesse Watters claimed that the Trump family had done more for this country than any Democratic elected official:

Iraq war vet Rep. Ruben Gallego replied:

Double amputee Sen. Tammy Duckworth of Illinois would also dispute Watters’ claim as she lost both of her legs and damaged her right arm while serving as a helicopter pilot in Iraq. These claims by the Fox News Trump sycophants are reminiscent of North Korea. It isn’t enough to glorify dear leader Trump, but now his whole family must be deified, and have done more for their country than all of their opponents combined.

Donald Trump dodged Vietnam. None of the members of his family have lifted a single finger to serve their country. The Trumps view America serving them. The only purpose that the Trump family is interested in is making money.

Watters statement shows the absurd level of worship that what is left of Trump’s base has slipped into. Rep. Gallego and other vets who served their country are continuing to serve this democracy by debunking the worship of the Trump cult.