Trump Secretly Plotting Recess Appointment If Jeff Sessions Resigns As Attorney General

As Donald Trump irresponsibly continues to trash talk Attorney General Jeff Sessions in order to force him to resign, a new report indicates that the White House is plotting a recess appointment in the event that Sessions resigns.

According to The Washington Post, Trump is “sill raging over Sessions’ recusal from the Justice Department’s escalating Russia investigation.”

More from the Post:

President Trump has discussed with confidants and advisers in recent days the possibility of installing a new attorney general through a recess appointment if Jeff Sessions leaves the job, but he has been warned not to move to push him out because of the political and legal ramifications, according to people briefed on the conversations.


Still raging over Sessions’ recusal from the Justice Department’s escalating Russia investigation, Trump has been talking privately about how he might replace Sessions and possibly sidestep Senate oversight, four people familiar with the issue said.

In the event that the president does try to make a recess appointment to replace Sessions, Democrats have already vowed not to allow the Senate go into recess.

If Trump decides to appoint a new attorney general through the normal confirmation process, at least one key Republicans – Sen. Chuck Grassley – has already said “no way” to the idea.

At the end of the day, Trump is desperately searching for a way to thwart the Russia investigation that has buried his presidency since day one. Forcing Sessions out and appointing an attorney general who could fire Robert Mueller and derail the inquiry could be the most effective way of doing that.

Luckily, it appears members of both parties are seeing it for what it is, and Trump isn’t likely to get away with it.