Latest NY Daily News Front Page Obliterates ‘Not Too Bright’ Trump For Staring Into Eclipse

This is quite possibly the best thing you’ll see today – maybe even better than the solar eclipse itself, which millions of people across the United States enjoyed on Monday.

In its latest front page set to be published tomorrow, the New York Daily News absolutely tore Donald Trump to shreds for staring into the eclipse – something even most children knew not to do today.

The front page in all its hilarious glory:

Not only did the publication poke Trump for staring into the eclipse, they also took a sarcastic shot him, calling the advice by experts and the media to not look directly at the eclipse a  “fake news warning.”

A look at the uniquely Trump moment, which Jason Easley wrote about earlier today:

Overall, the world was right to be marveled by today’s celestial phenomenon, but it just wouldn’t have been appropriate if Trump didn’t do something embarrassing to mark the occasion.

Luckily, the next time a full solar eclipse can be seen from North America – 2024 – we won’t have to worry that this man has control of the nuclear launch codes.

Image via New York Daily News Twitter Account