Trump’s Afghanistan Speech Overshadowed By Endless Trail Of Anti-War Tweets


As Donald Trump announces an increase in the number of American troops in Afghanistan during a Monday night address to the nation, his speech will likely be overshadowed by a long list of broken promises he has made on this very subject.

The Washington Post reported on a “baker’s dozen worth” of Trump tweets, all of which will likely contradict his speech on Monday.

Here’s a small sampling:


The tweets exemplify just how massive a 180 he is doing, spending years – even before announcing his candidacy – assailing the U.S. presence in Afghanistan, just to increase troops levels seven months after taking office.

Not only will Trump’s address tonight represent another major shift from candidate Trump to President Trump, but it will also remind voters that he has failed to follow through on the second part of those earlier promises, which was to enact massive infrastructure spending to rebuild roads and airports.

Monday night’s address announcing more troops being sent to Afghanistan is another example of how the reality of governing a country has clashed with this president’s lifelong habit of spewing whatever crosses his mind at any given moment.

We can add it to the growing dumpster heap of broken Trump promises.