Judge Gives Sarah Palin A Lesson On The Constitution While Tossing Her Lawsuit Against NYT

Sarah Palin’s defamation lawsuit against The New York Times was tossed out of court as the judge gave Palin a lesson on press freedom in the United States.

Federal Judge Jed S. Rakoff wrote in his decision:

The reason why Palin’s lawsuit was dismissed was that she imagined malicious intent where there was none. The New York Times editorial made an unproven connection, but they responsibly corrected their error promptly. The newspaper was not trying to attack or smear Palin. The former vice presidential candidate’s desperate bid for relevance was based more on exploiting right-wing anti-media sentiment than facts and information.

The motive for Palin, who has been eclipsed by Trump, and is now a footnote in history was a craving for attention.

From a broader perspective, Palin’s lawsuit showed the sort of disrespect for press freedom that is spreading like wildfire through the Republican Party.

Much like Palin herself, the lawsuit was empty and bogus. It was filed as both an attention getting device and an intimidation tactic.

On both counts, Sarah Palin failed.