Rachel Maddow Scores A Bombshell As Hillary Clinton Calls Trump A Clear and Present Danger

During an interview on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show, Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump a clear and present danger to America and US democracy.



Clinton said, “I’m hoping that on the really big issues there’s enough authority to contain and restrain this president. That’s what we all have to hope because I think this president and some of the people around him pose a clear and present danger to this country. Domestically to our institutions of our democracy and our self-governance, our rule of law. Internationally, in so many ways because of the unpredictability. The fact that there is no strategic plan. There’s just a reactive, visceral, emotional behavior, so I can only hope, and every American who thinks about this can only hope that people who know better, who have experience, and who realize that this country of ours is really worth defending and protecting will be able to prevent anything really bad from happening. It’s a horrible thing to have to say about anybody in that office.”

Hillary Clinton is sounding the alarm. Donald Trump isn’t just a mentally unstable guy who is rattling off incoherent tweets. Trump is the president, and his behavior is dangerous, and something really bad could happen our nation with him in charge.

Rachel Maddow scored a major story by asking the right questions and getting in depth with Clinton. The Clinton we are seeing now isn’t guarded. She’s not trying to win an election. Hillary Clinton is a patriot who is trying to save her country.