Pro-Trump ‘Mother Of All Rallies’ On D.C.’s National Mall Sees Laughable Turnout

Despite being dubbed the “Mother of all Rallies,” a pro-Donald Trump demonstration in Washington D.C. on Saturday reportedly saw laughably pathetic turnout.

Photos and videos showed an underwhelming crowd and plenty of empty space on the National Mall as Trump supporters gathered there.

One reporter captioned a video on Twitter by saying the rally “so far doesn’t live up to its name.”

Another reporter with The Hill tallied the number of attendees at 150 people – a pretty disappointing turnout for an event that organizers claimed would be the “Woodstock of rallies” for Trump supporters.

While the event’s website claimed, “We condemn racists of all colors and supremacy of all colors,” one attendee was seen wearing a shirt reading, “Guilty of being white.”

The purpose of Saturday’s event was to show united support behind Donald Trump and “American culture,” but with an approval rating in the 30s and even some of Trump’s own supporters now publicly burning their ‘Make America Great Again’ hats, it’s clear the country is united in opposition to this president.

And a little advice to those organizing future pro-Trump rallies: If you’re going to name your event the “Mother of all Rallies,” you should probably make sure a sizable number of people show up.

Picture via Will Sommer’s Twitter account

Sean Colarossi

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