Hillary Clinton Refuses To Say Donald Trump Isn’t A Full-Blown White Supremacist

In another eye-opening Hillary Clinton interview, the 2016 popular vote winner told MSNBC’s Joy Reid that she can’t say that Donald Trump isn’t a white supremacist, particularly following his response to the racist violence in Charlottesville this summer.

The former Secretary of State did not definitively call Trump a white supremacist, but it’s rather stunning that she refused to say he isn’t one.


Joy Reid asked, “In your view – I mean, this has been said about him – is Donald Trump a white supremacist?”

Hillary Clinton refused to say the man in the Oval Office isn’t:

Well, I certainly think there’s a lot of evidence as to how he has behaved historically, during the campaign, and as president, that he is appealing to those who are. I can’t look into his heart, I can’t say what he really feels because I think he is such a political opportunist that if he thought he could get votes and loyalty from a different direction, he would probably go there. But he started off from the very first day, attacking Mexicans, calling them rapists. He had dog whistles that got increasingly louder on immigrants and Latinos and African Americans and women and Muslims and the whole panoply of scapegoats that he was holding out to his supporters as the explanation for whatever their grievance was. 

As Clinton said, it’s hard to truly tell what is in Trump’s heart – to the extent that he has one – but it essentially becomes irrelevant whether he is truly a white supremacist or if he’s just appealing to them for his own political gain.

In either case, he is emboldening those who do openly subscribe to the hateful ideology of the KKK or other white supremacist groups. That is unacceptable for anybody seeking to hold elected office, especially the President of the United States.