Hero John Lewis Refuses To Attend Mississippi Civil Rights Museum Opening Because Trump Will Be There

Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) made a loud statement against Trump’s racism by announcing that he will not attend the opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum because Trump will be there.

In a statement, Reps. Lewis and Bennie Thompson said:

Inviting Trump, who has done nothing racially divide this country since arriving on the national political stage, to attend this opening is an insult to every single brave individual who fought, bled, and died for civil rights in this country.

Donald Trump is the epitome of what the civil rights movement was fighting against.

Once Trump is gone, people should feel free to attend and learn about a very important and highly relevant to today’s politics time in our nation’s history. Rep. Lewis is a true hero, who is still fighting against racism and hatred to this very day.

John Lewis deserves the respect of a nation for continuing to protest the ugly racism of the man occupying the White House. John Lewis is something that Trump will never be, a role model for every American.