Trump So Desperate For Praise That He’s Bragging About A Poll Showing 53% Disapproval Rating


Donald Trump is so desperate for positive news coverage that he tweeted a poll showing that less than a majority of the country thinks he’s doing a good job.

In fact, according to the same Rasmussen poll Trump bragged about on Thursday, 53 percent of the country doesn’t approve of the president’s job performance.

Trump’s tweet:


The Trump-friendly Rasmussen poll shows the president’s approval rating at 46 percent, which is higher than most polling firms, but it’s likely an outlier. Still, it’s nothing to be boasting about.

In what is probably a more accurate reading of Trump’s approval rating, even after the tax legislation made its way through Congress and was signed into law, Gallup’s latest survey shows that just 38 percent of the country thinks Trump is a good president.

Gallup’s reading tracks more closely to‘s average approval rating for Trump, which combines all public polling and shows the president’s approval rating just around 39 percent.

In any case, it’s a sad state of affairs for the President of the United States when he is so unpopular that it’s considered good news when an outlier poll shows that a slightly smaller majority of the country isn’t satisfied with the job he’s doing.