Former Bush White House Ethics Lawyer Calls For The Removal Or Impeachment Of Trump

Former Bush ethics lawyer Richard Painter said that Trump is off his rocker, the US is in a dangerous situation, and that Congress needs to explore the 25th Amendment or impeachment of Trump.


Painter said, “We are in a very dangerous situation. The president does not understand the First Amendment of the Constitution when he continually attacks the press and is taking concrete actions against the press, including retaliatory action against the parent company of CNN and now we have his lawyers who think they’re going to go into court and stop publication of a book critical of the president. As I say, this is not Russia, this is the United States. He is not a dictator. He doesn’t get that. And he also doesn’t get that he needs to control his anger, particularly when he’s talking about nuclear weapons. And we have reached a point where the cabinet and the House and the Senate need to look both at the 25th amendment and impeachment provisions of the Constitution because we’re in a situation where we do not have a safe person in the Oval Office, and despite all my disagreements with Mike Pence on a range of issues, at least he would calm things down and we would feel a little safer at night. This book is just one more piece of evidence that this president is not fit for office. It’s just one. As I said, he has done tweets just 48 hours ago that convinced many of us that he’s off his rocker.”

This is a Republican calling for Trump to be impeached or removed from office. Painter is one of the first Republicans to make such a clear statement about Trump’s mental state, but he is unlikely to be the last. It has become obvious to all but the willingly blinded by partisanship that Donald Trump’s mental state is getting worse by the day. The safety of the country is increasingly in jeopardy. It’s not a partisan issue.

Trump has derailed the entire federal government for days because he is upset about a book that is being released.

If Republicans don’t remove or impeach Trump, voters will elect a Democratic Congress who will.