Florida Republicans Vote Down Assault Weapons Ban After Parkland Shooting

Not even the murder of 17 students and teachers in their own state can get Republicans in Florida legislature to vote to ban assault weapons.

According to the AP:

Nothing will move Florida Republicans away from the NRA

This is not new. After Sandy Hook, Republicans stuck by the NRA and defeated an enhanced background checks bill that had a 90% public approval rating. The nation wants something done about the epidemic of mass shootings and gun violence. Republicans love to talk about the opioid epidemic, but guns people innocent people in America every day as well, but yet, thanks to the NRA, that topic is off limits for the GOP.

A busload of students from Parkland, Florida are on their way to the capital to protest for gun reform. The Republican legislature didn’t even have the guts to wait until these survivors of gun violence were present before they kissed the ring of the NRA.

It is time to primary any Republican or Democrat that takes NRA money and blocks gun reform. The only way to beat the NRA is to get their stooges out of office.