Trump Puts More Blood In The Water For Mueller With Pro-Putin Tantrum

Trump went on a Twitter rant in defense of his call to congratulate Putin which should only serve to attract more attention from Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Trump tweeted:

Trump then dug the hole deeper:


These are the consequences of not having a grown up in the room to protect Trump from himself.

Mueller is a shark, and Trump keeps putting blood in the water

Trump can’t stop praising and defending Putin. This is one the dumbest moves that a president has ever made in public. Trump is under federal investigation for potential election and financial crimes involving the Russians and obstructing justice by firing the FBI Director. The last thing that Donald Trump should be doing is drawing more attention to himself and Russia by making public statements praising Putin.

It is ironic that Trump ranted about using strength against Putin when he is afraid to say a bad word about the Russian authoritarian.

Robert Mueller doesn’t need any more reason to dig into the Trump Russia relationship, but the president can’t stop driving the Special Counsel back to one of the central questions of the Russia investigation. Mueller not only is trying to figure out how but also why? At a time when Trump should be keeping his mouth shut, he continues to give the Special Counsel more reason to investigate 280 characters at a time.



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