Here Are Two Ways Jeff Bezos Could Shut Down Trump

Trump loves to tweet, and now twitter is firing back at the president who has been posting some nasty tweets about Amazon and Jeff Bezos. Many people on the White House staff have tried to stop Trump from tweeting, but to no avail.  Now former federal prosecutor Preet Bharara has come up with a great suggestion.

There are a LOT of people who would like Trump to stop tweeting, so shutting down his twitter account might not be a bad idea.

Bezos himself has his own idea for shutting down Trump’s tweets:  He offered to give Trump a ride on a rocket ship, thinking that sending him to outer space would keep him quiet for a while.

Jeff Bezos is the richest person in America and possibly the richest person in the world. As of Monday, March 26, his net worth stood at nearly $130 billion, according to both Forbes and the Bloomberg Billionaire Index.  His great wealth is based on his vast stock holdings in Amazon, a company he founded and which is now perhaps the most valuable company in the world.  He probably could afford to buy a controlling interest in twitter.

In one week Bezos’s net worth dropped to $114 billion. In that one week Amazon’s stock price dropped by around 10%, taking about $16 billion away from Bezos wealth.  This means his loss of net worth in one week is over five times Trump’s entire net worth of $3 billion (as estimated by Forbes.)

We don’t know for sure but seems like Trump’s anti-Amazon tweets have been a factor in its stock price decline.  Trump’s tweets have attacked Amazon and Bezos for not paying enough taxes and underpaying the post office, among other things.

But many people believe that Trump’s anger at Bezos and Amazon is based on more than the president’s concern about taxes.  Trump’s tax bill passed last December reduced the corporate tax rate so much that it was estimated to have saved Amazon $789 million.  Of course Trump doesn’t really believe in paying taxes himself and said in one of the campaign debates that he was  “smart” for avoiding taxes.  It’s doubtful that he cares much about the retail industry or the post office either.  

There are two things that appear to really bother Trump:  One is negative publicity, and the Washington Post, owned by Bezos, is not very flattering of Trump.  

According to Bloomberg, “The very existence of Bezos seems to drive Trump crazy.” Trump inherited a fortune but Bezos’s fortune is 100% self-made. “He is a far more admired and influential businessman than Trump and, of course, immeasurably richer.”

What does a person do with so much money?  Well, if he really wants to make the world a better place, Bezos might take Bharara up on his suggestion.  And if that doesn’t work, then at least try to get Trump on a rocket ship and send him to outer space.