Mike Pompeo Falls Apart At Confirmation Hearing When Asked About Mueller and Russia

The Mike Pompeo confirmation hearing imploded when he was asked and refused to answer questions about his interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller or Russian election interference.

Video of the exchange between Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and Pompeo:


Senator, I’m happy to answer questions about our administration’s policies. The work we’re doing. You’re asking about conversations you should know, senator, as well, I have provided — I spoke with special counsel Mueller who interviewed me, asked an interview. I cooperated. Your colleagues asked for information from me and the CIA. I think the leaders would say I’ve been cooperative.

Menendez: You have spoken to Mueller?

Pompeo: Yes, that’s correct.

Menendez: And what was the subject of the conversation?

Pompeo: Senator, I’m not going to speak to that.

: Did the special counsel tell you not to speak about these things?

Pompeo: Senator, I have cooperated with multiple investigations while the investigation continues, I think that’s the appropriate way to approach it, and you should know and no one here today should take away because of the fact that I don’t want to speak out, there should be no negative inferences or positive inferences about the fact that I think it’s appropriate that while the investigations continue, I not speak to the conversations I’ve had with the various investigative bodies.

I’m sure if I asked director Mueller, I mean, special counsel Mueller a simple question whether you were told you couldn’t, I don’t think he would say you couldn’t. It’s your choice that you’re not speaking to do so. For me, these questions being answered in a forthcoming way are important. It goes to the essence of how you approach one of the most critical issues that we have. And you’re unwillingness to speak to it is troubling to me.

The Mike Pompeo confirmation hearing is a train wreck

No one in Donald Trump’s orbit is clean. It is a big red flag when the nominee for Secretary of State will not answer basic questions about something as important as his conversations with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Pompeo also refused to answer questions about Russian election interference:

Russia hangs over everything this administration does, and Pompeo is making it clear that he will be Trump and Putin’s best boy in the State Department. Given his answers so far at this hearing, Pompeo should not be confirmed, but he probably will be because what is the confirmation of one more Putin collaborator among Senate Republicans?

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