Smoking Gun Found As Michael Avenatti Confirms Prosecutors Have Trump Tapes

The smoking gun of Trump potential criminal activity was confirmed to exist by Stormy Daniels’s lawyer, Michael Avenatti, as Trump’s own lawyer, Michael Cohen, was taping Trump and prosecutors have recordings that aren’t covered under an attorney/client privilege.


Avenatti said on MSNBC, “Now, you know, we had Nixon tapes years ago and now we have Trump tapes. Mr. Cohen’s attorney was forced to admit, as a result of our efforts relating to bringing these tapes to light, he was forced to admit in open court today that Michael Cohen was making recordings of various parties and those recordings, not only do they exist, but they’re being kept under lock and key. He was forced to admit that some of them relate to my client, which is of huge concern to us. And our position is very clear as outlined in front of the courthouse. These tapes should be released in full to the American people and the Congress so that people can judge them for themselves and decide what action should be taken.”

Avenatti also confirmed that Trump’s voice is on the recordings, “These tapes relate directly to the conduct of the president’s right-hand attorney, relate directly to issues considering my client, attorney/client privileges that were disclosed by Mr. Cohen improperly by her prior counsel. And also, we have every reason to believe that the tapes include communications between Mr. Trump and Mr. Cohen that don’t have anything to do with the rendering of legal advice. So those are not privileged communications.”

The Trump tapes are the smoking gun

It is clear now why Trump was fighting so hard to get access to the Cohen evidence. The tapes with Trump’s voice on them are the evidence that no one can deny. If the tapes are released to the public, depending on what is on them, it could mean the end of the Trump presidency. PoliticusUSA has been reporting for months that Trump and Cohen were on tape. The only difference between this detail and the original report is that Michael Cohen was dumb enough to tape Trump and now prosecutors have evidence of their crimes. While the country has been focused on Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the Russia investigation, it may end up being Stormy Daniels and her lawyer Michael Avenatti who destroy the Trump presidency.

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