Trump Goes On Unhinged Typo Filled Tantrum As N. Korea Summit Crashes And Burns

Trump threw a fit as his empty North Korea summit is turning out not to be the hit that he thought it would be.

Trump tweeted:

Any American president should have worked to get the hostages back. Keeping Americans safe at home and overseas is considered a part of the presidential oath of office and a basic duty of the presidency, so that is not an accomplishment. North Korea should have never taken the hostages in the first place, so what Trump wants credit for is rewarding hostage takers. Secondly, Trump is the one who promised total denuclearization as an outcome of this summit. When he found out that the North Koreans would not be giving up their nukes, Trump shifted his position to talking is a win.
Most importantly, the North Koreans did not stop their testing and launches because of anything that Trump did. They stopped testing and launching because they had met their goals for the year, and they were out of money.

Trump has already been played by Kim Jong-un, and the fact that he is getting called out on it in some of the media coverage is driving him crazy. From the US perspective, the summit is already a failure. The North Koreans have given up nothing, but have been given what they craved most. Kim Jong-un has been elevated to the same level as the President Of The United States.

The summit has already failed which is why Trump is tantruming from Singapore.