Trump Goes On Unhinged Typo Filled Tantrum As N. Korea Summit Crashes And Burns

Trump threw a fit as his empty North Korea summit is turning out not to be the hit that he thought it would be.

Trump Can Kiss His Nobel Peace Prize Goodbye As N. Korea Won’t Give Up Their Nukes

Kim Jong-un is lowering expectations for a deal as the North Koreans are making it clear that they won't be giving up their nuclear weapons.

Trump Admits That He Is Not Even Preparing For The N. Korea Summit

Trump told reporters that he doesn't need to prepare for the summit with North Korea because it is about "attitude."

Trump Whines Like A Jilted Teen In Desperate Letter Canceling N. Korea Summit

Trump's letter canceling the North Korea summit was a whine fest that lacked any hint of authority or power.

Desperate Trump Is Already Making Concessions To North Korea

In negotiating with North Korea Donald Trump may have broken his own #1 rule, as expressed in his book The Art of the Deal“The worst thing you can possibly do in a deal is seem desperate to make it. That makes the other guy smell blood, and then you’re dead.” read more

Trump Tries To Save His Presidency By Promising World Peace At N. Korea Summit

Trump announced on Twitter that his summit with N. Korea would happen in Singapore on June 12, and he said that they would try to make it a special moment for world peace.