Watch A Republican With Integrity Destroy The Fake Outrage Over Sarah Sanders Getting Kicked Out Of A Restaurant

Former Bush Commerce Sec. Carlos Gutierrez destroys the fake outrage over Sarah Sanders getting kicked out of a restaurant.


Gutierrez said, “I’m sorry that Sarah Huckabee Sanders had a bad day. I’m not worried about Sarah Huckabee Sanders. I’m worried about the African-American kid in school who gets harassed by kids who think they have a license to harass because the president said so. I’m worried about the Hispanic kid, the Hispanic-American citizen who is harassed in school and called a member of MS-13 because the president calls immigrants from Hispanic countries members of MS-13. I’m not worried about Sarah Huckabee Sanders. I’m worried about millions of kids and today are seeing a different America.”

There are still some Republicans left who have integrity

There is a big difference between most of the Bush-era Republicans and the Trump Republicans. The Bush-era Republicans, think of people like Ana Navarro, Nicolle Wallace, and Gutierrez still believe in basic American and Democratic values. Trump Republicans have sold themselves out to the cult of Trump. Of course, former Sec. Gutierrez was correct. No one should worry about the feelings of Sarah Sanders. It is the message that is being sent to children and adults in this country that racism and discrimination are acceptable that is the real problem.

The Trump media quickly tried to turn Sanders having to eat dinner elsewhere into a story of persecution over values, while they ignored that their president has thrown children in cages and separated them from their families. There is no greater abuser of American values than Donald Trump. If the Trump people don’t want to be kicked out of restaurants, they can stop participating in or enabling the abuse of children.

There are still some Republicans with integrity, but unfortunately for the rest of the country, they are exponentially outnumbered by the Kool-Aid drinking cult of Trump.

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