Rachel Maddow Makes A Devastating Argument For Why Voters Must Elect A Democratic Congress

Rachel Maddow used the Supreme Court ruling on the Muslim ban as part of a compelling argument for why it will be up to the voters to check Trump by electing a Democratic Congress in November


Rachel Maddow was discussing the Supreme Court’s ruling upholding Trump’s Muslim ban when she said:

There is nothing secret about the animus here. Nobody has held that evidence from the conservative majority of the Supreme Court, they just today chose to ignore it. And this is the supreme court. So there is no appealing this there is no appeal, at least within the court system. There is no secret history of prejudice here for a new Peter Irons to find evidence of in an old misfiled dusty box that he can then take to Korematsu and beg him to bring it back to the courts.

The courts won’t fix this. In this case, the evidence of animus is in the newspapers; it’s in public statements, it’s in speeches, it’s in the president’s Twitter feed. And now we as a country have nowhere to take that evidence except to the voting booth. Because this is now something that the courts will not fix. Congress could fix it, but that would require changing the Congress.

Rachel Maddow made the strongest argument for changing Congress yet

Maddow’s argument was devastating because it laid out the blunt reality of what the country is facing. The Supreme Court chose to ignore the evidence of the motivation for Trump’s Muslim ban, so the message sent in their ruling is that they aren’t going to check this president. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have rolled over and played dead to such a degree that they aren’t even pretending to govern, much less act as a check to Trump.

Republicans control the federal government, and no one there has the guts to stand up to Trump. The voters are going to have to do this themselves by electing a Democratic Congress.

The message from today’s Supreme Court ruling is that it is up to you, as the American people are the going to have to be the ones to put a stop to the presidency of Donald Trump.

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