Trump Moves from Gaslighting The US to Gaslighting the World With Claim Germany Is Controlled By Russia

Trump has moved from gaslighting the American people on Putin and Russia to trying to gaslight Germany and the rest of the world.


Here is the moment when Trump claimed that Germany is controlled by Russia and watch the look on his own Chief of Staff, John Kelly’s face:

Trump said, “Germany is totally controlled by Russia. They’re getting 60 to 70% of their energy from Russia and a new pipeline. And you tell me if that’s appropriate.”

Trump is trying to gaslight the world

It is a fact by now that whatever Donald Trump accuses others of doing is an admission of his own activities. Going back to the presidential campaign, he called Ted Cruz a liar, claimed that the Clinton Foundation was corrupt and criminal, claimed the election was rigged, and as a president has accused Hillary Clinton and the Democrats of colluding with Russia. When Trump makes an accusation, he is trying to gaslight his audience into believing that others are guilty of his own actions.

When Trump claimed that Germany is controlled by Russia, he was admitting that he is controlled by Russia. He was trying to put the Germans on the defensive by accusing them of what he is doing. Trump’s childish foot stomping and gaslighting won’t work at NATO. It has been effective with his followers, but on the world stage, all Trump has proven that he is overmatched and completely out of his league.

Trump’s bullying and bluster have failed to get him anywhere, so he is trying to gaslight.

Donald Trump is a man of very few tricks, who possesses a very small playbook.

The Germans didn’t play Trump’s game, and the result is the president isolating America from its allies while looking like a manipulative fool.

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