Trump Just Became Completely Unglued Over Michael Cohen’s Secret Tapes

It is no longer speculation that Donald Trump is panicking about Friday’s news that Michael Cohen secretly recorded at least one campaign-season conversation they had about a payment to a Playboy model.

In a Saturday morning meltdown, Trump freaked out about the development, calling it “inconceivable” that the government would raid his lawyer’s office and “perhaps illegal” that Cohen even recorded their conversations in the first place.

Trump is panicking because he knows he’s guilty

Innocent people don’t freak out on Twitter about tapes seized by federal investigators – especially if there is nothing criminal on them. This should be particularly true of a President of the United States.

Trump’s three-pronged meltdown on Saturday morning – trashing the government, accusing Cohen of a crime and insisting that “your favorite President did nothing wrong!” – shows that he knows the tapes are a legal nightmare for him.

And Trump has good reason to freak out about all of this. As Jason Easley pointed out on Friday, “Trump and Cohen engaged in criminal activity to bury a story that would hurt Trump’s campaign.”

If Trump was discussing payments to women during the campaign in order to influence the election, that would likely constitute campaign finance violations, among other crimes.

The best strategy for anybody to assert their innocence isn’t to throw tantrums on social media. It’s to remain silent and go about their own business.

But the guilty President of the United States can’t help but lash out on Twitter because he knows the other shoe will soon hit the floor.