Sen. Tim Kaine Just Called Out Trump’s Nervous Panic Over Mueller

Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) said that Trump’s recent tweets show that he is nervous and panicking over either Mueller or the midterms.


Kaine said on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, “I think the whole world saw Vladimir Putin stand on a stage last week and say, of course, we wanted president Trump to be elected president. I mean, he is being very blunt in telling the world that what they wanted was president Trump to be president. So what you now have is the combined weight of the U.S. Intelligence community and Vladimir Putin all saying, yeah, you’re right, we wanted Trump to be president. So this tweet yesterday suggesting that he’s been tough on Russia? Give me a break. That Russia will help the Democrats? He’s getting very, very nervous about something. It might be the Mueller investigation. It might be the notion that the midterms will go badly for him. But this is a president who is panicking about something right now. And that’s what that tweet should tell us.”

Andrea Mitchell asked Sen. Kaine about the White House scrubbing the Russia press conference transcript and video.

He answered, “Well, I think that the record needs to be corrected. If it’s wrong, it needs to be corrected. You’re right, Andrea, there is a pattern of behavior here that before the president was in office, he was briefed on the intelligence community’s combined assessment that Russia hacked the election, not just to sow chaos. They hacked the election to help him get elected, which he had stood on stage in July of 2016 and asked them to do, help me win this election. He said that in public. And that was covered as well. So he said it in public. Vladimir Putin has said they wanted Trump to win, and our entire intelligence community says hacking was done to achieve that end. That’s why this president, probably one of the reasons this president is now behaving in such a panicked manner.”

Since the Russia press conference, Trump has been flipping out, and the more he flips out, the worse the press coverage gets, which only seems to reinforce the cycle. Trump is in a state of full-blown panic. It is why transcripts are being scrubbed, videos are being edited, and absurd tweets about Russia helping the Democrats are being put out.

Trump is caught between the blue wave and Robert Mueller, and the result a presidential freak out the likes of which we have never seen.

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