Malcolm Nance Warns Trump: Everything Discussed In Secret Russia Meeting Will Soon Be Exposed

MSNBC counterterrorism expert Malcolm Nance gave Donald Trump a major reality check on Saturday as the case against the president and his campaign continues to gain strength.

According to Nance, what happened in the now-infamous 2016 Trump Tower meeting will soon become public knowledge – and at that point, the president will be in major legal jeopardy.

“When that information comes out, I think that it’s going to be even more damaging,” Nance said during a panel discussion on MSNBC’s AM Joy.


Nance said:

Getting rid of the Magnitsky Act, which is the sanctions against the Russian oligarchy. That’s what their principal thing was. I think that at some point, it’s going to come out that they did have a discussion about this and that they’re all just putting us on by not knowing what they were there to talk about.  When that information comes out, I think that it’s going to be even more damaging because there’s no way the entire senior staff of Trump‘s team – Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, all of these people are in the room and would never report to Donald Trump. It’s implausible. 

It’s only a matter of time before the Trump Tower meeting is fully exposed 

Michael Cohen’s reported revelation that Trump was informed of – and gave his personal approval to – the Trump Tower meeting rocked the political world on Thursday, but it’s something that many had already suspected.

What needs to happen next, as Nance pointed out, is for the exact details of that meeting to come to light.

The more we learn about it, the more it’s apparent that the Trump Tower meeting wasn’t about Russian adoptions. Instead, it was likely about two things: 1. Getting dirt on Hillary Clinton to help Trump become president; and 2. Lifting sanctions against Russia after he became president.

When this information comes out – and perhaps Robert Mueller already has it – the entire house of cards on which Trump built his illegitimate presidency will come crashing to the ground.