Lawless Trump Claims He’s ‘Totally Allowed’ To Take Control Of Russia Investigation If He Wants


In further evidence that Donald Trump has no idea what the scope of his power is, the president is now claiming that he is “totally allowed” to seize control of Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation if he wants to.

According to Jeff Mason of Reuters, Trump said, “I’ve decided to stay out. Now, I don’t have to stay out, as you know. I can go in and I could… do whatever, I could run it if I want.”


Trump’s disturbing claim that he could run the Russia investigation comes at a time when he is systematically threatening to remove the security clearances of critics and top Mueller witnesses.

Trump doesn’t know how investigations work

Once again, the president is demonstrating just how little he understands not just the scope of his powers as president, but the basic concept of criminal investigations.

Just as a bank robber doesn’t have the privilege of investigating himself, someone under investigation for conspiracy and obstruction – yes, even the president – doesn’t get to “totally” take over the probe.

CNN’s Jim Acosta pointed out the obvious conflict that Trump running the Russia investigation would pose:

At the end of the day, Trump again seems to be leaving himself room to go completely off the deep end and seize control of the investigation if he thinks it’s on the verge of bringing him down.

With Robert Mueller closing in and Trump’s legal team utterly imploding, it’s no surprise the lawless president is eying a complete takeover of the Russia investigation.