Trump’s Worst Week Is Rachel Maddow’s Best As She Is #1 On Cable For The 3rd Straight Night

As the worst week of the Trump presidency unfolds, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is dominating the cable ratings by being the highest rated TV show for the 3rd straight night.

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The trend of strong viewership continued for Maddow on Thursday night, according to a statement provided to PoliticusUSA by MSNBC:

For the third night in a row, according to Nielsen data for Thursday, August 23rd, MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” was the most-watched program across all cable TV.

· “Maddow” ranked #1 in total viewers across all cable TV.

· “Maddow” ranked #7 in total viewers across all broadcast TV.

· “Maddow” ranked #3 in A25-54 across all cable TV (behind only MTV’s “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation”)

· “Maddow” won 9 pm in cable news across the board, beating FOX News and CNN in both A25-54 and total viewers.

A total of five MSNBC programs ranked in the Top 10 in total viewers across all cable:

· “Maddow” #1

· “The Last Word” #3

· “All In with Chris Hayes” #6

· “The 11th Hour with Brian Williams” #8

· “Hardball with Chris Matthews” #9

“MSNBC Live with Velshi and Ruhle” at 11am, “MSNBC Live with Ali Velshi” at 3pm, “Deadline: White House” at 4 pm, “Hardball” at 7 pm, “Maddow” at 9 pm, “The Last Word” at 10pm and “The 11th Hour with Brian Williams” at 11pm were all #1 in total viewers for their hours, beating Fox News and CNN.

Rachel Maddow and MSNBC have delivered the most comprehensive coverage of Trump’s scandals and legal problems of any network on television. MSNBC has found the perfect balance between news and analysis. It is not dry like CNN, and it is not propaganda like Fox News. MSNBC is built on the reporting of NBC News and having a group of primetime hosts that like to go deeper on the issues and stories that make up the day’s headlines.

MSNBC isn’t involved in the Trump/CNN feud. They are reporting an explaining the details of the most important stories. America has finally caught on to what Rachel Maddow brings to the table, and there isn’t a better mind, and team, on television to lead viewers through the dog days of Trump.

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