A Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh Would Basically Be Donald Trump Without Term Limits

Brett Kavanaugh‘s sworn testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week gave the country a glimpse of who the man really is. I think I speak for most of the country when I say it wasn’t pretty.

Within minutes, the judge’s carefully crafted image as a decent, reasonable family man evaporated before our eyes. In its place, we saw the true Kavanaugh – a man who closely matches the description given by his accusers and former classmates. New reporting on Monday only added more credibility to this portrayal of the judge.

During his testimony, Kavanaugh was angry, belligerent and unable to control his emotions. He lashed out at Democrats, sometimes in the most bizarre fashion. He tore into a partisan ramble, floated ridiculous conspiracy theories and lied about even the most trivial matters of his past.

Sound familiar?

We already knew that Kavanaugh, like most modern Republicans, was and is a right-wing extremist. What was initially understated, though, is just how personally similar he is to Donald Trump – from his troubling temperament to his sexual assault allegations.

These similarities alone make him unfit to be promoted to a lifetime gig on the United States Supreme Court.

Kavanaugh could be more dangerous than Trump

Donald Trump is the most dangerous and unfit president this country has ever seen. The American people are reminded of that every time he opens his mouth or makes a key policy decision.

Trump has done immense damage to the credibility of the U.S. in the eyes of the world and he has poisoned the political discourse at home. He has shrugged off democratic norms and undercut critical American institutions like the FBI and the Justice Department – all to save his own skin.

Even before he walked into the White House, Trump carried with him a lifetime of corruption, whether it’s his shady business dealings, his apparent campaign-season conspiracy with Russia or his dozen-plus sexual assault allegations.

Every step of the way, he has told lies or floated ludicrous conspiracy theories to muddy the waters and convince enough people that he’s clean.

The bright side has always been that, at worst, the country will be stuck with Trump for eight years. Brett Kavanaugh, on the other hand, could be around for decades.

If confirmed, Kavanaugh would bring the same qualities to the judicial branch that Trump has taken to the executive branch: disturbing past conduct, poor temperament, serial lying and divisive partisanship.

It would leave Trump‘s slimy stain on yet another branch of our government.

What’s worse with Kavanaugh is that the American people are powerless to throw him out of office. There are no term limits, and he isn’t accountable to voters because he isn’t an elected official. And as Axios pointed out recently, removing Kavanaugh once he’s on the Supreme Court just isn’t realistic.

In other words, if he gets confirmed, we are likely going to be stuck with him for a very long time – perhaps decades.

So Trump may leave office after one or – god forbid – two terms, but if Kavanaugh is placed on the Supreme Court by shameless Senate Republicans, it’ll be like this president never left at all.

The country cannot afford that.

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