Trump Goes Off The Rails And Calls Brett Kavanaugh A Drunk

During comments in the Rose Garden, Trump claimed that Brett Kavanaugh said that he struggled with alcohol, but Kavanaugh never said that.


Trump said, “I can tell you that I watched that hearing, and I watched the man saying that he did have difficulty as a young man with drink.”

Trump either didn’t watch the hearing or wasn’t paying attention, because Brett Kavanaugh never said that he had difficulty with drink. Trump apparently has gotten Brett Kavanaugh‘s hearing testimony confused with Matt Damon’s portrayal of Kavanaugh on Saturday Night Live. Kavanaugh went out of his way to downplay his drinking, which Trump just blew up into another major controversy surrounding his nomination.

Trump Showed How Out Of It He Is

The President Of The United States is inventing fake quotes that hurt his own endangered Supreme Court nominee’s chances of being confirmed. Trump didn’t misspeak or get a word wrong. He made up a statement that hurt his own nominee. The White House doesn’t let Trump live press conferences or interviews with non-friendly media unless they have to, because Trump can’t form lucid thoughts that are based in reality.

The President appears to be out of it.

He isn’t on the same page, or maybe even the same planet as his own White House, and political party.

Trump seems to have no idea what is going on around him, and even worse, can’t take in information and process it.

The president called his own Supreme Court nominee a drunk, which only hurts Kavanaugh‘s teetering Supreme Court nomination.

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