Trump Spends Thanksgiving Eve Whining About Traffic Jams And Calling Climate Change A Hoax

Instead of giving the country a Thanksgiving break from his endless Twitter tantrums, the toddler president took to social media on Wednesday night to whine about the media and traffic jams.

In a tweet, Trump gave himself credit for falling gas prices and claimed the media was using the lower costs to blame him for more cars being on the road.

Despite Trump’s nonsense, gas prices are actually higher this year than they were a year ago, according to AAA.

A year ago, the average cost of a gallon of gas was about 10 cents lower than it is today, even after Trump chose to turn a blind eye to the Saudi killing of a Washington Post journalist.

And despite Trump’s belief that everything has to do with him, it is widely known that the days surrounding Thanksgiving see the most traffic. That was true before he was president, and it’ll likely be true after he’s gone.

Trump also pushed more climate change conspiracies

In another tweet, Trump pointed to falling temperatures as evidence that climate change is a hoax.

To Trump, cold temperatures prove his debunked theory that climate change is a hoax. To the rest of us, we call it the beginning of winter.

Note to Trump: Be quiet and let America enjoy Thanksgiving

Once again, Donald Trump can’t help but make every waking moment about him.

Instead of letting Americans enjoy their holiday, he is whining about traffic jams and pushing dangerous and debunked conspiracy theories about climate change.

All of this despite the fact that voters made it clear earlier this month that they’ve had enough of Donald Trump.

If he wants to give America something to be grateful for this Thanksgiving holiday, he should just be quiet.

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