Democrats Rejoice As GOP Refuses To Change After Midterm Crushing

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 02:49 pm

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Republicans got crushed in the midterm election, and the good news for Democrats is that they aren’t planning to change anything as they head into 2020.

According to The New York Times:

Yet nearly a month after the election, there has been little self-examination among Republicans about why a midterm that had seemed at least competitive became a rout.

President Trump has brushed aside questions about the loss of the chamber entirely, ridiculing losing incumbents by name, while continuing to demand Congress fund a border wall despite his party losing many of their most diverse districts. Unlike their Democratic counterparts, Republicans swiftly elevated their existing slate of leaders with little debate, signaling a continuation of their existing political strategy.

And neither Speaker Paul D. Ryan nor Representative Kevin McCarthy, the incoming minority leader, have stepped forward to confront why the party’s once-loyal base of suburban supporters abandoned it — and what can be done to win them back.

Republicans have already been warned that a 2020 disaster is coming if they keep doing things Trump‘s way, but the GOP has shown no interest in changing what they are doing, which is alienating virtually every non-white male far-right voter in the country. House Republicans are living in their own reality bubble. They are ignoring the midterm election results and refusing to see the red flags that voters are holding up.

Trump‘s way is a road to ruin, and Democrats should rejoice because the blue wave has taught Republicans nothing.

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