Malcolm Nance Terrifies Trump With Prediction That Michael Flynn Gave Mueller The Goods


Counterterrorism expert Malcolm Nance dropped a major reality check on Wednesday, saying the latest Mueller sentencing memo on Michael Flynn should terrify Donald Trump.

“All the redactions are probably everything else that we see that would be leading to the Trump campaign and everything that he knows,” Nance said. “What we don’t know is going to be about Trump.”

The fact that the special counsel document recommended no jail time for Flynn signals that the information he spilled to Mueller must have been valuable.


And the heavy redactions in the memo indicate that the special counsel has some sensitive information about investigations or targets that it’s not ready to disclose publicly.

That sensitive information likely deals with the president and his closest associates and family members.


Nance said:

Look at the way Robert Mueller has structured his attack using the Flynn document. Michael Flynn was the former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. His dealing with Turkey, with Russia, the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf states all impacted his decisions before the election. As we know, this investigation really started with Mike Flynn talking to the Russians three to five times before the election in relation to something that he decided to lie to the FBI about. But the document that we’re seeing here really lays out a building block case showing this is what Michael Flynn did and then he came to us after we called him in, pointed this out to us and like a person with some loyalty left to the nation, he confessed to it all and became the number one witness on everything. That blank section of the document – all the redactions are probably everything else that we see that would be leading to the Trump campaign and everything that he knows. … What we don’t know is going to be about Trump.

Michael Flynn gave away the store

As PoliticusUSA’s Jason Easley pointed out on Tuesday, “Michael Flynn didn’t just talk to Mueller. He was a songbird who sang loud and detailed every note for Robert Mueller.”

“The odds are that Michael Flynn buried Donald Trump,” he added.

As Malcolm Nance said on Wednesday night, the information Mueller didn’t redact – Flynn’s dealings with Turkey, Russia and other countries – was mostly already known to the public. There would be no reason to withhold it.

There would be reason, however, to redact sensitive information that pertains to an investigation or target that the public wasn’t already aware of – aka Donald Trump and his family.

There are still a lot of questions about what the final special counsel report will turn up, but the combination of Mueller’s redactions and Flynn’s extensive cooperation should terrify Trump as this investigation plows toward its conclusion.

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