House Democrats Are About To Help Robert Mueller Nail Donald Trump Jr. For Perjury

It’s official: House Democrats are going to take their first step this week in helping Robert Mueller nail those in the Trump universe for committing perjury in their congressional testimony.

As MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin noted on Monday, the first meeting for the House Intelligence Committee, led by Rep. Adam Schiff of California, will be Feb. 6, this Wednesday.

One of the first things on the agenda, as Griffin noted, is to vote to turn over committee transcripts to Mueller.

The first meeting of House Intelligence Committee comes after Republicans tried for weeks to delay the process of getting documents to Mueller’s desk by refusing to name their members of the committee.

Donald Trump Jr. could be the next indictment

The most high-profile individual that could find himself in quick legal trouble as the Democrats dig into their investigations is Donald Trump Jr., the president’s eldest son.

As Mother Jones noted on Tuesday, “Democrats on the committee have previously said they suspect that Donald Trump Jr. made false statements during a December 2017 interview with the panel.”

As the report pointed out, Rep. Jackie Speier told CNN in December that “there’s at least two occasions where [Trump Jr.] lied to the committee.”

That’s not the only Trump family member that could find himself in legal trouble. As Mother Jones also pointed out, “Democrats have also questioned the veracity of claims that President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and other officials made to the panel.”

Donald Trump and his team have been trying to downplay perjury or witness tampering as “process crimes,” violations that aren’t really a big deal. But there’s a shorter term for process crimes. They’re called crimes.

With Democrats fulfilling the oversight responsibilities Republicans refused to fulfill over the past two years, it looks like more people in the Trump world – and family – are about to be held accountable for their criminal behavior.

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