Trump’s National Emergency Flops As Ann Coulter Busts Him For Appealing to His Stupidest Voters

Trump’s threat to go around Congress’ constitutional authority isn’t going over as planned with conservative pundit Ann Coulter, who busted him for “Trump to scam the stupidest people in his base for two more years.”

Coulter knows that President Trump’s power grab will be challenged in court. She knows the court will focus on Trump circumventing Congress’ power of the purse and a national emergency will need to be proven.

Coulter knows this is going nowhere except down for Republicans. She knows that without Congress, which controls the purse strings, it’s not real.

She must also know that Trump can’t defend the fake idea that there’s a national emergency, although she seems to believe this is the case even though border crossings are down and experts don’t see a wall helping the issues we need to address with immigration law.

Law, as in passed by Congress law.

This legal fight and authoritarian power grab is fodder for Trump’s 2020 opponents, and also something Republican Senators will have to defend.

That will likely trigger a long legal fight possibly stretching into Trump’s 2020 re-election bid, and embolden critics who already accuse him of authoritarian tendencies and unpredictable swerves in policy-making.

Ann Coulter is right, Trump is doing this just to say he tried to build his “wall” which is not a wall which Mexico is not paying for which isn’t going to happen completely due to eminent domain issues which is a total joke at this point…

Trump fail bigly.