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Donald Trump is About to Go Through Hell As Democrats Probe His Finances

Donald Trump’s biographer thinks our current president is about to go through hell.

Writing in Bloomberg,Tim O’Brien has predicted that the coming months will be excruciatingly painful for Trump, as House Democrats conduct a thorough probe of his personal finances.

O’Brien is considered an expert on Trump’s finances after doing more than a decade of research on the topic.

According to O’Brien, Trump’s long history of crooked business dealings will result in him soon being held accountable for various types of fraud, money laundering and other crimes.

“Scrutiny of Trump’s fraudulent insurance dealings is just the beginning of what is going to be a long, meandering and harrowing experience for the president, his family, longtime employees of the Trump Organization, many of Trump’s business partners and the White House,” O’Brien wrote, adding:

“Federal prosecutors in Manhattan, attorneys general in Virginia, New York and the District of Columbia, five committees within the House of Representatives and, now, banking and insurance regulators, are all putting the Trump Organization and the president’s financial and political dealings under a wide array of microscopes.”

Former Russian Mobster Will Testify About Trump’s Money Laundering

O’Brien pointed out that we already know of one shady character in Trump’s orbit who is scheduled to testify before Congress: Felix Sater.

Sater is a Russian-American former mobster who worked with Michael Cohen to negotiate with Russian officials to build a Trump Tower in Moscow as Trump was running for president.

Sater is also is a convicted Russian mafia money launderer who once went to prison for stabbing a guy in the face.

O’Brien describes Sater as a “career criminal” and says he could offer information about not just the Moscow project, but also the Trump Soho hotel project that has been scrutinized as a potential vehicle for international money laundering.

The last time Sater got busted, he didn’t go to prison, and he’s since claimed that it’s because he became a government informant. If Felix Sater doesn’t want to go to prison for the crimes he committed with Donald Trump, he’ll have to “flip” and testify against the president.

Considering Sater’s history of “flipping” we can expect him to sell out during his public testimony before Congress on March 14th. A bigger question right now may be how much Sater has already given to Robert Mueller and the SDNY in their probes of Trump’s business deals.

There have always been suspicions that Trump Soho was nothing more than a front for Russian money laundering. Sater knows if this is true, and it’s very possible he has already shared what he knows with prosecutors.

Trump’s Allies Will Soon Turn On Him

Looking at all these potential targets for investigations, O’Brien concluded in his piece for Bloomberg that many of the president’s closest allies will probably turn on him to save themselves from legal jeopardy.

“If Cohen is any indication… many, if not everybody, at the Trump Organization and elsewhere may decide to protect themselves before they protect the president,” he writes. “Investigators have landed on the money trail.”

Evidence of Trump’s Crimes May Soon Be Made Public

Bob Mueller has a history of getting people to work with him and provide the evidence he needs to bring down Donald Trump. It appears that he will be successful in getting evidence about Trump’s financial crimes from many different sources.

As this evidence is revealed to the public in the coming weeks and months, Donald Trump will indeed be going through hell.

As a wise person once said, “Karma is a bitch.” And Donald Trump is about to find out how true that really is.

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