Trump Blames Obama For Mueller’s Damning Report

As Donald Trump desperately looked for a way to deflect from the politically damning Mueller report on Thursday, he took to Twitter to – what else? – trash Barack Obama.

In a tweet, the president heaped blame on the Obama administration for Russian involvement in the 2016 election, claiming the former president “was told about it and did nothing!”

Trump’s crackpot tweet comes hours after the redacted Mueller report laid out disturbing evidence showing that it was the Trump campaign who was welcoming and aware of Russian involvement in the election.

Former Senior Advisor to Obama laid it out in simple terms on Thursday shortly after the Mueller report was released.

Trump is desperately grasping at straws

Trump’s claim that Obama is responsible for Russian meddling comes at the very same time he and his attorney general are attacking the decisions made by the previous administration to investigate said Russian meddling.

Earlier today, in fact, the Trump campaign released a statement again attacking the Obama administration and the Department of Justice for looking into Russia’s involvement in the 2016 campaign, saying: “[T]he Obama-era DOJ and FBI must answer for their misdeeds and the scam that they perpetrated against the American people.”

So which is it?

Was the Obama administration wrong to look into Russian meddling in the 2016 election – which, of course, involved the Trump campaign – or were they too weak in responding, as Trump is now claiming in his latest tantrum?

Of course, Trump doesn’t care about the answer to either question. He is simply throwing the kitchen sink into the ether and hoping something sticks – all because he can’t figure out how to deflect from the damning findings laid out in Mueller’s report.

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