Trump Is Having A Mar-a-Lago Meltdown After Mueller Destroyed His ‘Total Exoneration’ Lie

Following the release of Robert Mueller’s redacted report, Donald Trump has reportedly become increasingly angry and is lashing out at those around him as he watches the cable news coverage.

According to a CNN report published Saturday, the president has grown furious watching the post-Mueller report media coverage and seeing that his “no collusion, no obstruction” lie has evaporated into thin air.

As CNN reported, “Instead of the ‘total exoneration’ Trump had proclaimed earlier, the report portrayed the President as deceitful and paranoid, encouraging his aides to withhold the truth and cross ethical lines in an attempt to thwart a probe into Russia’s interference in US elections — his ‘Achilles heel,’ according to one forthcoming adviser.”

More from the report:

Now, those close to him say Trump is newly furious at the people — most of whom no longer work for him — whose extensive interviews with the special counsel’s office created the epic depiction of an unscrupulous and chaotic White House. And he’s seeking assurances from those who remain that his orders are being treated like those of a president, and not like suggestions from an intemperate but misguided supervisor.

But Trump grew angry as he watched cable news coverage because, sources familiar with the matter said, a theme was emerging that vexed him: a portrait of a dishonest president who is regularly managed, restrained or ignored by his staff.

It was a sharp turn away from his earlier statements, which welcomed the report’s findings on collusion and falsely claimed total exoneration. Hours before his Mar-a-Lago dinner, Trump insisted to a crowd on the tarmac in Florida the dark days of Mueller’s special counsel investigation had ended.

The Mueller report shows Trump is unethical, unrespected and unfit to be president

The portrait painted by special counsel Robert Mueller isn’t just damning, but it’s completely divorced from the narrative pushed by the White House and attorney general William Barr prior to the report’s release.

It shows piles of evidence that Trump’s campaign did, in fact, collude with Russia in a way that should disturb folks of all parties, even if it didn’t rise to the level of a crime.

The more the American people read Mueller’s findings on collusion and conspiracy, the more they will see just how extensively the Trump campaign worked with Russia in 2016.

On obstruction, the evidence is also alarming as Trump repeatedly sought to impede the ongoing investigation of him. Time and again, though, those around the president didn’t respect him enough to follow his orders. As CNN pointed out on Saturday, his own staff viewed him as an “intemperate but misguided supervisor.”

Trump has spent two years trashing the special counsel investigation and claiming it would find no collusion or obstruction on the part of him or his campaign. After Mueller’s report, this talking point has been completely destroyed.

It’s no wonder Trump is throwing a tantrum as he strolls through the buffet line at Mar-a-Lago.

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