Elizabeth Warren Slams Fox News As She Rejects Town Hall Offer

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren slammed Fox News as she turned down their offer to host a town hall.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) slam Fox News as she turns down town hall

The Democratic presidential candidate tweeted:

Warren was right. Democrats should not be helping Fox News

Fox News has changed from even four years ago. The network has become Trump propaganda. There are very few reachable voters who are watching Fox News. When Democrats participate in Fox News town halls, they give the network revenue and credibility as a news outlet that it does not deserve.

Sen. Warren was correct. Democrats are enabling a network that pushes hate for profit when they participate in Fox News town halls.

The DNC did not give Fox News a primary debate for excellent reasons, and the Bernie Sanders decision to do a Fox News town hall looks like a big mistake compared to the forceful rejection delivered by Elizabeth Warren.

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