Kamala Harris Nails Mitch McConnell For Enabling Trump’s Foreign Election Treason

Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), nailed Mitch McConnell for blocking an election security bill that would stop foreign governments from helping Trump.

Kamala Harris Hits Mitch McConnell For Blocking Election Security Bill

Sen. Harris said on MSNBC’s All In, “So we have this election security bill that unfortunately the leader on the Senate side will not put on the floor for a vote. It’s important that all Americans fight for the United States Congress to do its job and upgrade the elections infrastructure and secure the elections infrastructure in our country and I am proud to have been a leader and to be a leader in the United States Senate on that issue. There is nothing more important than fighting for the integrity of our democracy and our election system regardless of party affiliation or running for office or not.”


The election security bill passed the House, and at a different time in American history, it would have flown through the Senate and been signed by the president. Election security is a national security issue, but Mitch McConnell is treating election insecurity like a partisan advantage that must be maintained for Republicans. Trump gets all of the attention, but it is Mitch McConnell who has ignored the warnings of Robert Mueller and others on election security.

McConnell is single-handedly blocking a bill that would protect US elections in 2020 and beyond. Congress already has legislation to fix this problem. It passed the House. If it was brought to the Senate floor for a vote, it would pass the Senate. Trump is the disease, but it Senate Majority Leader McConnell who is preventing the cure.

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